For a company that demands a reasonable partnership with customers, it is necessary to define the requirements. As a respected service provider at Southwestairofly, we propose these terms and conditions to our clients in order to improve their comprehension. The terms and conditions of our website explain what you can and what you must not do while using our web site. In the event that the user disagrees with any part of the terms of this website , the user shall immediately stop accessing the service. If, however, anyone uses the website, the person shall comply with the terms and conditions of the website.

Compliance with Terms and Conditions

Before accessing our website or using our facilities, you have to adhere to the terms and conditions of the website.  Your acknowledgement of our terms indicates that you understand the company 's inclusive activities. If you do not adhere to all these terms and conditions, you can't access our website. However, before you enter the website, you must explicitly demonstrate that you consent to the terms and conditions.

Content usage

No person is allowed to delete, duplicate, reuse or alter any material on the site, although any person who uses the site can use website content such as records, photographs, prices and other details to his / her own reference. The material we collect and place on our website shall be used as our customers' guide, and we shall maintain the right to our contents. In the case that anything is identified not compliant with the terms of the platform, severe steps will be taken against the person responsible.

Basic guidelines

We reserve the right to cancel a reservation and the repayment will be provided via the original payment form in case of any disagreement before your departure. In all cases, we are not responsible or responsible for the above.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

Our terms must be changed from time to time due to the evolving tourism industry, without prior warning to our clients. You are responsible for informing yourself on the terms and conditions before accessing our website. If you want to use our website to purchase our services, we are assured that you have fully investigated the updated terms and conditions. Due to inherent vulnerability, we are not responsible for any unexpected circumstances or incompatibilities.

Third-party links

You can find links on this page that are classified as domains of third parties that are just used for reference. We take no accountability and do not support their goods with any links to such sites. Therefore, when you visit these web links and intend to purchase their goods, you are advised to abide with their terms and conditions.

Product price and payment

We intend to warn you that we regulate prices for our goods listed on our website, based on the demand and availability of customers in the travel and tourism sectors. We are also entitled to change airline charges' according to quality and convenience. Before you purchase goods, you may also review the rates as it is not our obligation to announce any price changes.

To get in touch with us, you can contact us directly by phone or visit the official Southwestairofly website. Do not hesitate to email or call us if you have any questions or complaints regarding the privacy policies.

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