refund policy Posted on: 31-Oct-2020

What is the southwest airlines refund policy?

Southwest Airlines, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the most popular U.S. Airline organizations offers the lowest cost carrier in the world.  

Southwest serves its services to 103 places in the U.S. and ten different countries. The airlines never leave any stone unleft to deliver the most convenient flight services to each passenger who travels through the flight. It offers the easiest booking and cancellation services to its travelers, which is available 24*7 on their websites. You can book and cancel your flight easily while sitting in your room at home.

Neither airlines nor the clients wish that the booked ticket gets canceled. But no need to think about it. The Southwest Airlines cancellation policy supports its clients when it comes to canceling their flight tickets.

How to Request a Southwest Airlines Refund?

Flight cancellations and delays are simply normal even on the busiest days. In more trying, festive times, our travel schedule seems to be fluctuating by the day—if not by the hour. If you require to make an adjustment to your Southwest Airlines flight or cancel altogether, it’s necessary to get your client rights.

Request a Cancellation/Refund on the Website

If you got a Business Select fare and you canceled your booking at least ten minutes prior to your flight was supposed to fly, you can make a request for a full refund of the paid amount. Here is what you should do:

  • Go to the Southwest Airlines’ homepage and click on the Cancel Flight option at the upper right of the page
  • Mention your confirmation number, first and last name
  • Travel Funds or balances can be asked to refund
  • You can choose to get money back to your payment the method or change the fare into Travel Funds
Request a Cancellation/Refund Over the Phone

Give a ring to Southwest Airlines and tell your reason to get refund. You will be suggested to get your confirmation number, ticket number, or flight details (date of journey, the origin of the destination, and arrival destination), so ascertain to have that information at hand.

What Is Southwest’s Refund Policy?

Not all flight tickets fares are refundable. Business select and anytime fares are refundable, but at the same time Wanna Get Away fares are reusable, this indicates that you can use them for travel credit in place of cash.

Southwest Airlines’ present refund policy states that nonrefundable flight tickets that haven’t been applied on the journey date, but canceled in line with Southwest’s No Show Policy, only usable for one-year future travel after the final booked date. The tickets will be used only by the boarding passenger whose name is printed on the ticket.

How Long Does a Southwest Take To Refund?

The Southwest Refunds Department targets to process an appropriate refund in seven working days from the date they get the request. You will get your money on a similar account, which is used for payment. It depends on the bank as it could take up to 10 working days for the money to display in your account.

The Southwest Airlines Official Site helps you in the booking of air tickets in the modest mode. This is the point at which you can fly in the sky at a moderate expense.

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