senior people Posted on: 30-Sep-2020

Do seniors get priority boarding on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines Co. is the world largest low-cost carrier with its offices in Dallas, Texas. Established on 15 March 1967 by Herb Kelleher, Airs Southwest Co., it was called Southwest Airlines Co. in 1971. The aviation sector hires over 60,000 staff with peak season departures, exceeding about 4,000 a day. You must contact Southwest Airlines Bookings for your effective booking and flight tickets. You can get in touch with the Southwest Airlines Reservations if you require any support for flight booking or any assistance related to scheduling your flight. 

As of December 2019, Seniors no longer automatically get any preboarding benefit due to their age. However, the staff members of Southwest Airlines are always happy to assist those in need. If the senior clients require any help during check-in, the staff will be available to support them and even guide them towards their flight. 

Southwest also provides an option of preboarding for those disabled passengers who: 

  1. have a specific seating need to accommodate their disability
  2. need assistance in boarding the aircraft
  3. Preboarding is also offered to those travelling with assistance and emotional support animals

If a passenger with a disability needs extra time to board, they are allowed to board with Family Boarding, between the “A” and “B” groups. The Customers who are deaf and hard of hearing can call the Teletypewriter (TTY) number, (800) 533-1305, and talk to a Customer Service Representative. The customer support team can help with reservations and general inquiries. 

If you need a wheelchair, you can ask for one at check-in at or at the ticket desk in the main lobby. You must inform Southwest at least 48 hours before if you are going to travel with your own electric wheelchair. 

The airline aims to provide topnotch services for their flyers by offering many deals and amenities onboard. They are always available if any of the passengers require help while booking the tickets or during check-in and boarding of the flights. You can always visit the Southwest Airlines Official Website for all alerts and any support needed regarding the reservations online.

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