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Southwest Airlines is probably the most favorite and acknowledged airlines in America. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas is the world’s largest low-cost carrier. Southwest Airlines eventually gained a lot of popularity when it began operating as an intrastate airline. There are around more than 50,000 employees, and it serves more than 4000 departures during the travel season. It covers more than 100 wonderful destinations across the United States and more than five additional countries. Get ready to travel to beautiful destinations across the world, including Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico and many others. Book your tickets now at Southwest Airline Reservation if you wish to enjoy a hassle-free travelling experience. The Airlines would provide you with comfortable seats, and top-notch services 24/7 in case of any mishap. Visit the Southwest Official Site to gather more information about it.


Southwest Airlines get you the best tickets at affordable prices; all you need to do is to visit the Southwest Airlines official site. Suppose you are booking your tickets from Southwest Airlines Reservations. In that case, you can seek assistance from the reservation department as the experienced and skilful professionals could get you best deals without much chaos. Apart from that if you are stuck with any technical issues, the active and proficient Southwest Airlines Customer service is available 24/7 at your service. 

Via Southwest Official Site

At first, to seek best deals at Southwest Airline Reservation, one has to visit the Southwest Airlines official site. You will get a number of choices here and so make sure you do select the flight as per your choice. You could either book one-way or round-trip flights which would be for eight passengers at a time. You are just supposed to enter your travelling specifics such as origin destinations and date of your travelling. You can also check out the Ticket Types and order to crack best and ultimate deals. Chances are you might receive promo codes which would definitely be extremely beneficial. 

Through Southwest Mobile App

You can easily book your tickets through the mobile app by simply downloading it from the Google play store and App store. You can easily check-in, book, change or cancel domestic and international flights. You will get all your flight information like your flight status, boarding position and gate information available in your mobile app. To enjoy hassle-free Southwest Airlines Check-in using the app could be a beneficial option. 


There are different options for Southwest Airlines Check-in, such as via official website or app, but for emergency situations, there are options such as reservations at the airport. In case, you are interested in booking an international flight for the same day; you could simply contact the Southwest Customer Service or take help from any agent at the ticket counter of Southwest Airline upon the arrival at the airport.


Southwest Airlines is one of the most acknowledged airlines offering A+ service at lower and affordable prices. Enjoy great deals and amazing discounts without any fuss. There are many ways which could help you to get cheaper tickets from Southwest Airlines Reservations such as you can join rapid rewards, seek a Southwest Credit card, buy Southwest Gift cards and that too at a discount or you can also update to business class on the airport. Visit the Southwest Official Site for further information. Apart from this, you could also get cheaper tickets on occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. 


The passengers could check out the options available at Southwest Airlines Reservations. You can also go through the list of the flight that you could book. You can also check out the last-minute Southwest flight deals and discounts to seek the best offer. Also, do visit the Southwest Airlines Official Site for more information. Southwest Airlines offers the cheapest last minute tickets. No doubt, you must compare, analyze and then select. Also, if you are facing any troubles, you can simply seek help from Southwest Customer Service.


Southwest Airlines covers an extensive area as it takes you beautiful destinations across the USA such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati and many others. Apart from that, there are many other international destinations such as Suan Juan, Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean and many others. Visit the Southwest official site to gather more information about it.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy and Fees

Before you do book your tickets at Southwest Reservation, make sure you do check out the Southwest Airlines Checked-in Baggage Policy

Southwest Airlines Check-in Baggage policy

Southwest Airlines Check-in Baggage policy allows maximum weight that is allowed is 50 pounds and the maximum size would be 62 inches including (length + height + width) per checked bag. Allowance for overweight items would be 51 to 100 pounds, and oversized items should be from 51 to 100 pounds. Also, oversized items must not exceed more than 80 inches. The oversize or overweight fee would be $75 per item. 

Southwest Airline Carry-on Baggage Policy

Southwest Airline one must carry one bag plus one smaller bag and a personal-type item. It should have a dimension of 10x16x24 inches. The personal item could include purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers or laptops. You can keep your personal item just in front of your seats and must fit in within 18.5x8.5x13.5 inch dimension. You must visit the Southwest Airlines Official Site. 

Southwest Airlines seating class

It has an open seating policy which means seats are not assigned ahead of time. The passengers are allotted a boarding group A, B or C and also a boarding position. This decides that the passengers would be allowed to choose a number of seats. In case of confusion, you can simply seek help from Southwest Customer Service.


Southwest Airlines operates flights do have an open seating arrangement. Once onboard, you could simply select any seat. In case of any chaos or confusion, you can simply seek for Southwest Contact Airline. It might charge nominal fees in order to upgrade it. 


At first, you are expected to visit the Southwest Airlines Official Site. It begins 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Customers who have eligible reservations could check-in online, and then they are allowed to print their boarding pass. 


Undeniably, Southwest is an incredible airline industry as it does not charge any fees to change or cancel the flights. You could check out the details at the Southwest Official Site. In case of query, you could simply seek help from Southwest Customer Service as the travel experts are present 24/7 at your assistance.

How do I get a refund from Southwest Airlines?

Even Pandemic can’t stop your Traveling Spirit when Southwest Airlines is with you!

Want to travel to your favorite destination? Or is traveling is your first love? But one question might be muddled in your head is - if your flight gets canceled due to pandemic effects, what about your refund amount. There is good news for all travelers who are planning to travel on Southwest Airlines. But for that, scroll down the blog and read out our wordings.

Due to the pandemic, the Travel sector is following rules and regulations as it is mandatory by the government. In this blog, we will aware our audience about all the necessary details about Southwest Airlines and how to get a refund via the airline.

Travel Restrictions followed By Southwest Airlines.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has, unfortunately, put a pause on travelers traveling experience but not to worry, Southwest Airlines is following all the rules and regulations and restrictions declared by the government. The restrictions might result in travelers' quarantine upon arrival, flight cancellations, temperature checks, and more. The authority of Southwest Airlines sincerely regrets the issues and inconvenience held.

Updation on Cancelation on Southwest Flight

You can use your travel funds, yes, From September 8, 2020, via your non - refundable tickets. And to your knowledge, you can use your Wanna Get Away ticket in between 1 year from the original purchase date.

And, in any case, you have not used your Travel funds with the expiration date, i.e., September 7, 2022, then your funds will transform into Rapid Rewards points and that to the same price at which you have bought your tickets prior.

Check out some trending updates:
  • If you have to qualify your travel fund, you need to check out that it must expire on September 7 2022.
  • Secondly, the name must be the same that is on the Rapid Rewards account.
  • And you must have bought the ticket via, and you have to request to change your travel fund by the last date that is December 15 2020.
  • You have to watch out that before December 15, you have to do the conversion. And to your information, Rapid rewards points will never expire.
Final Verdict

The above points are for all the travelers and potential travelers of Southwest Airlines. The Airlines' top-notch service is to serve its customers with the best they deserve. We will soon get new updates and news for you, and if there is any add-on on travel restriction, we will give immense information on the official website.

Now, you can hold on to Southwest Airlines, as your money is in safe hands! The Airlines appreciate the travelers' support and look forward to onboard them and taking off with them to their respective destinations. For any query, contact our officials on the website.


Southwest Airlines serves almost 88 domestic destinations and 10 international destinations in 9 countries. The following is an overview of all Southwest destinations:

Bahamas Nassau
Costa Rica Liberia
Cuva Havana
Dominican Republic Punta Cana
Jamaica Montego Bay
Mexico Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, San Jose del Cabo
Puerto Rica San Juan
Albany Cleveland Indianapolis Milwaukee Pittsburgh Spokane
Albuquerque Columbus Islip, Long Island Minneapolis Portland St. Louis
Amarillo Corpus Christi Jacksonville Nashville Providence Tampa
Atlanta Dallas Kahului New Orleans Raleigh/ Durham Tucson
Austin Denver Kailua-Kona New York City Reno Tulsa
Baltimore Des Moines Kansas City Norfolk Richmond Washington
Birmingham Detroit Las Vegas Oakland, East Bay Rochester West Palm Beach
Boise El Paso Lihue, Kauai Oaklahoma City Sacramento Wichita
Boston Fort Lauderdale Little Rock Omaha Salt Lake City Houston
Buffalo Fort Myres Long Beach Ontario San Antonio Midland
Burbank Grand Rapids Los Angeles Orlando San Diego
Charleston Greenville Louisville Panama City San Francisco
Charlotte Harlingen Lubbock Pensacola San Jose
Chicago Hartford Manchester Philadelphia Santa Ana
Cincinnati Hilo Memphis Phoenix Seattle/Tacoma



Each airline has its own rules on carry-on and checked baggage. So here are some of the Southwest Airlines baggage policies or allowances that will help you to know what kind of baggage you can carry during your flight journey. Visit Southwest Airlines official site and pay for your baggage in advance after making trouble-free Southwest Airlines reservations.

  • Southwest Airlines allows its passengers to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag per passenger for free.
  • A personal item can be a briefcase, laptop bag, purse, etc. and it should be of the proper size and must fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Carry-on bag should have maximum dimensions of 24*16*10 inches, including handles and wheels.
  • All carry-on bags must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • Southwest Airlines allows passengers to carry 2 standard bags and up to 10 bags maximum.
  • Maximum dimensions of checked baggage must be 62 inches or 157 cm, including wheels and handles.
  • Maximum weight of checked bags must be 50 pounds or 23 kg.

Southwest Airlines charges an additional fee of $75 per bag for the third bag or any other additional bag.

  • Southwest Airlines charge an extra fee for the bags greater than 50 pounds or 23 kg.
  • Bags weighing between 51-100 pounds: $75 extra per bag
  • Bags exceeding 100 pounds will not be accepted as checked baggage by the Southwest Airlines.
  • An additional fee of $75 is charged for the bags that are from 63-115linear inches.
  • Bags greater than 115 linear inches will not be accepted as checked baggage by the Southwest Airlines.
Southwest airlines frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Q. Is Southwest Airlines customer service 24 7?
  • A. Yes, Southwest Airlines Customer service phone line is available 24/7 and the Southwest officials are always happy to help and assist their customers. You can speak to a Customer Representative 24/7 by calling 1-800-435-9792. You can also try contacting Southwest by tweeting them or sending them a message, however, the response may take longer.

  • Q. How do I contact Southwest Airlines?
  • A. You can call Southwest Airlines' customer service line, 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (800-435-9792), for reservations, baggage information or general questions. You can also send them an email about your query or complaint, or tweet them about it.

  • Q. Is Southwest automatic check-in worth it?
  • A. Early Bird Check-In is an optional supplement for Southwest Airlines, which allows the ticket holder to check in automatically at 36 hours before the scheduled flight's departure time. Early Bird Check-in customers automatically check-in for $15–$25 on a one-way basis and assign a boarding number before the 24-hour period of self-check-in. So if you prefer to choose your seat and want to receive priority boarding, this is the correct option for you.

  • Q. How many bags can you take on Southwest Airlines?
  • A. The first two checked bags will be allowed in Southwest, free of charge as long as the bags are 50 pounds and 62 inches (L+W+H). Overweight items from 51 to 100 pounds and oversized items, not more than 80 inches will be accepted for a charge of $75.00 per item one-way.

  • Q. Can I have a backpack and a carry on Southwest?
  • A. Yes, one carry bag and one personal item are permitted as a Southwest passenger. The TSA regulations authorize backpack as a personal object where measurements are 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches and as long as it can fit in the overhead bin.

  • Q. What is not allowed in a carry-on?
  • A. Please ensure that all sharp objects (particularly needles, syringes and other medical items) are appropriately secured for damage prevention. Each passenger is allowed a one-fourth bag of liquid aerosols, gels, build and pastes in their carry-on. It is limited to 3.4 ounces or less per object (100 millilitres). You are asked to position these items separately into the smaller bag from your carry-on bag during the screening process. Currently, Southwest Airlines prohibits self-defense sprays on any flight, regardless if it is checked or carried on. You are also not allowed to carry alcohol, ammunition or lighters.  

  • Q. Does a purse count as a carry-on?
  • A. Yes, a purse does count as a carry on personal item. You are allowed to take it on board only when its measurements are 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches, and it can fit under your seat on the flight.

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